Exile Rutherglen Muscat Nv

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Tasting Notes

Fully developed and displaying the extraordinary qualities that result from the blending of selected parcels of only the very richest and most complete wines in the cellar. This Muscat has breathtaking complexity texture and depth of flavour.  It has an attractive dark mahogany red colour with a hint of amber on the edges. The bouquet has an abundance of aromas from Christmas pudding through to figs, spices and Muscat fruits with cloves, maple syrup and caramel all evident.  On the palate it has an array of flavours with a persistent and long finish without being cloying or sweet.

The Winemaking

Few wines can elicit a response on first tasting quite like Rutherglen Muscat. The multitude of aromas, the incredible depth of flavour on the palate and a finish that seems to linger for an age... The first sip of Rutherglen Muscat is a memory that stays with a wine lover for life. To make the world's richest wine it stands to reason that you need ripe fruit. Very ripe fruit. Rutherglen enjoys a particular advantage in this regard, with our climate perfectly suited to the task of ripening muscat. The period around vintage (March, April, May) is renowned for being mild, sunny and stable in and around Rutherglen; often referred to as an 'Indian Summer'. This allows the muscat fruit an extra period of 'hangtime' on the vine, resulting in the impossibly high baumes (measurement of natural fruit sugars) required for Rutherglen Muscat.

Region Rutherglen
Cellaring Will drink well for decades
Alcohol 17%


Nv Vintage NZ International Wine Show 2013 - Award Winner